About Us

I'm Tejah Renee aka @tejgotgame on Instagram! I really hope y'all enjoy the games we spent nights working so hard & manifesting perfection on! As we know, the world has most definitely changed & just like you, I've gone through a whole lot too! I've taken time to think about what truly makes me happy in life & that is : supportive loved ones, music, meditation, positivity & most importantly: LAUGHTER! I just thought "hm, what goes down when I get a majority of that in one?.......GAMES!"

Everybody loves them a good kickback event with the right people to create the right vibe. My amazing cofounder Nigell D.(@Cyangineer on Twitter) & I decided that we all deserve new games that'll create even better vibes. She One is my first baby here at Chocolate Chips Ent. It feels like there's just not enough feel good games out there for us, so we figured why not be the ones to give it to y'all! We've got so much more coming for everyone in all ages, STAY TUNED & follow us on IG: @chocolatechipsent & Twitter: @CChipsEnt We love & thank y'all!

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